Storage box shell 3-plate plastic injection mold

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This is a 3-plate plastic injection mold which can produce storage box shell. Below are some detailed information for this plastic injection mold. After this introduction, we believe you guys will know more about 3 plate plastic injection mold and the difference between two plate plastic injection mold.

  • Mold material: S136H
  • Mold cavity: 1*1
  • Mold life: 500 thousand times
  • Mold gating: sub-gate
  • Injection cycle: 60 seconds
  • Product material: ABS
  • Product color: customized
  • Mold surface request: SPI-A1
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    What is the 3 plate plastic mold?

    This type of mould has three main parts or plates, which on opening are separated one from the other to give two daylights. The moulding drop from one daylight and the feed system, in the case of a cold runner type, drops from the other. This facility is extremely useful as it means that the feed system can be segregated from the components by arranging, for example, for the feed system to drop onto one conveyor and the moulding to drop onto another.

    What is the difference between two plate mould and three plate mould?

    To sum up, two plate molds are the most commonly used injection mould. It consists of one parting plane and mold splits into two halves, whereas three plate injection mold consists of two parting planes and mold splits into three sections. Compared to a two-plate mould,this type of mould, therefore, has an additional plate which floats between the fixed and moving plates. The feed system is contained between the fixed plate and the center plate whereas the moulding arc formed between the moving plate and the center plate. The cavity is usually cut in the center or floating plate and each cavity is fed via a pin-point gate from secondary sprue which are also cut into the plate.

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