Plastic Injection Moulded Nylon Motor Fan

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Pics shown is a nylon motor fan, material is Nylon6. It is made by plastic injection mold, mold material is S136 HRC48-52, mold cavity is 1*4, that means inject one time our mold can produce 4 products, mold life is 500 thousand shots, its injection cycle is 45 seconds. The surface request to achieve SPI-B2 standard, a standard of surface roughness.

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So what is meaning of SPI-B2?

SPI-B2, a standard of surface roughness, SPI b2 is slightly finer than b1 and RA.4-5 made by 400 grit. SPI b3 is comparable to RA.9-10 made by 320 grit. SPI c1 is finer than b3 and RA.10-12 made by 600 stone. SPI c2 is slightly finer than c1 and RA.25-28 made by 400 stone. SPI c3 is comparable to RA.38-42 made by 320 stone.

And let’s talk some more about the material features

PA6 is a translucent or opaque milky white particle, with thermoplasticity, good temperature resistance, good aging resistance, good abrasion resistance, good dimensional stability, good mechanical damping ability, good mechanical processing performance, good sliding properties, Excellent wear resistance, generally used in auto parts, mechanical parts, electronic and electrical products, engineering accessories and other products.

Also it is worthy mentioned the product features

This motor fan is widely used. It can be used in computer equipment, low-voltage electrical equipment, numerical control equipment, household appliances, etc. The scientific design of the fan blades and the precision production of molds directly affect the exhaust air volume and the noise of the motor. If the fan blades are eccentric to produce vibration, noise occurs, and the service life is shortened; the choice of nylon material has good wear resistance and can reduce noise. Mass production can be fully automated by robots, which effectively improves productivity. It’s a good design we think.

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