Plastic injection mold for transparent auto lamp housing

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Below are some detailed information for this auto lamp housing plastic injection mold. After this introduction, we believe you guys will know more about auto plastic injection mold.

And let’s talk some more about the plastic injection mold gating.

  • Mold material: S136 HRC48-52
  • Mold cavity: 1*2
  • Mold life: 500 thousand times
  • Mold gating: side-gate
  • Injection cycle: 75 seconds
  • Product material: Acrylic(PMMA)
  • Product color: transparent
  • Mold surface request: SPI-A0(Mirror polishing surface)
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    What is a gate in a mold?

    In injection molding, each cavity in a mold must contain a small opening called a gate, which allows hot plastic to enter the cavity before passing through and around its internal features until filled.

    Why we design side gate in this mold?

    Design side gate is the most generally of mold design, and used well in multi-cavity mold. Its shape is a rectangle or semicircle, and placed at side of the molded product. It can use for a product with small side or middle thickness because gate structure is easy and don need high quality.

    How many types of gates are there in Mould?

    This article looks at six of the most common gate types used in injection molding: edge gates, tab gates, direct/sprue gates, hot tip gates, pin gates, and sub gates.

    What is a gate location?

    The gate location on an injection molded part leaves a “witness” where the part is separated from the runner system. This is considered an appearance defect and is typically hidden in an inconspicuous location on the part.

    Why is small gate size preferred in injection molding?

    Small gates provide a better appearance, but require longer mold time or higher pressure to fill properly. Higher cavity pressures cause more stress to be molded into the part. ... In plastic injection molding, if gate size is inadequate the flow rate of the molten resin will be restricted as it tries to move through.

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