PC+PP Car Air Conditioning Control Panel

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This plastic injection mould part named air conditional control panel. Obviously it is used in the car air conditional system. The material is Polypropylene+Polycarbonate, mould cavity is 1*2, mould material is S136 HRC48-52, mould life is 500k shots, and its injection cycle time is 58 seconds. The product surface is texture MT11000. It’s  double color mould products.

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So what is the double color mould?

Double color moulding is the one available process for managing product moulding with two different materials and colors, using simultaneous molding processes in the same injection machine to output a single unit.

Why we choose Polypropylene+Polycarbonate to produce this air conditional control panel ?
From material properties point: PC material has excellent electrical insulation, lengthening, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, and also has self-extinguishing properties, and also has the advantages of cool non-toxic; strength can meet whole body shell products, suitable for industrial product mass production.

The light transmission effect and pattern of the white part make it clear to use. The PC material is added with 0.025% silver powder to bring out its uniqueness. The only innovative automotive air-conditioning control panel in the industry is formed by double color injection molds.

Last but no least, let us talk about the product features:
It is worthy mentioned that the product has a unique appearance design. The functions of the 5 boss buttons are distinct, simple and generous. The design of the concave and convex step structure can make the product deformation very small, and there is almost no deformation after moulding, and the user can easily find the required boss button.

Except the double color mould mentioned above, we can also do single color mould, rubber coated mold, etc. We have a wide range business scope.

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