PC+ABS Projector Plastic Injection Molded Housing

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This is a projector housing, it’s material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic +Polycarbonate(Abbreviation is ABS+PC). It’s mold cavity is1*1, the mold material is S136H, mold life 50 thousand shot, the injection cycle is 60-75 seconds.Its appearance is very eye-catching, because the surface treatment is texture MT11020+ SPI A2.

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Material performance

ABS + PC combines the excellent characteristics of the two materials. The Synthetic material is suitable for the housing of electronic products, with good overall performance, high impact strength, chemical stability, and electrical properties.

Product features

This is an office projector housing, composed of an upper cover, a middle main body, and a lower cover. The white matte surface has a very advanced appearance. The upper and lower covers are designed with artistic lines to completely avoid the problem of misalignment. The surrounding slider joint lines are designed with grooves. The position, so that the bonding line is completely invisible, and the concave shape with a diameter of 1.25mm is evenly distributed to create a perfect pattern; the circle is electroplated in bright silver at the position of the lamp socket, which retains a shiny luster, and has good stability in the injection molding process. The yield rate is as high as 99%.

What is the texture of a mold?

Texture – Mold texture can also vary greatly in their texture. Some will appear velvety and soft, while others will appear fluffy, and still others seem grainy, slimy or spongey. It all depends on the type of mold and the surface it's growing on.

What are the different process used for surface texturing in mould?

Mold Surface Textures Made by Blasting. Abrasive blasting helps to create rougher finishes.

This type of texturing makes use of glass beads or sand. This corresponds to the SPI surface finish Category D. The random nature of the blasting and spraying results in a non-directional and uniform finish.

That’s the introduction of this product, if you have similar design need to make prototyping or mold, warmly welcome to contact us at any time.

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