Multifunctional connector plastic injection mold

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It is a single color plastic injection mold that we made on May. It can produce multifunctional connector. Product material is Nylon66+20% glass fiber. Mold cavity is 1*1, that means injection machine produce one time can inject one piece product. Mold material is S136 HRC48-52, due to the product material is Nylon66+20% glass fiber, this material is very hard, we must make heat treatment for mold, or the mold very easy damage when injection molding.Mold life is 30,0000 shot, and its injection cycle is 58 seconds due to this material need longer injection time to cooling and forming. The product surface request is both external and internal surface is SPI-B2. And why we design two gating for this mold? The reason is: PA66+20%GF, the material fluidity is poor. In order to improve the injection molding progress, we also make four slider and many inserts to help the exhaust of the mold, so there is no obvious welding line, and the product appearance can achieve SPI-B2 standard.

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Mold material characteristics

The function of heat treatment of mold materials is to improve the mechanical properties of materials, eliminate residual stress and improve the machinability of metals. Its heat treatment processes include annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. Finally, the purpose of heat treatment is to improve the mechanical properties such as hardness, wear resistance and strength, which can improve the strength and service life of the mold.

Mold features

The mold is designed with a 3-plate mold structure. The A-plate automatically falls off the material head. The material head and products can be produced automatically by manipulator. The core and cavity are designed with 4 groups of cooling system, which is suitable for the production of 160t injection molding machine. The left and right sliders are equipped with two oil cylinders with a stroke of 80mm. It works synchronously with the other two sliders when opening the mold, and core have ejector pin to help eject.

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