Flame Resistance Injection Molding Black Tpe Washer

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This product needs to have shock-proof, sealing, and flame-retardant functions. TPE flame-retardant material is selected as the material, and the flame-retardant level is V0. After the sample is subjected to two 10-second burning tests, the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds. No burning objects should fall. It has its special use meaning. The product design is simple. In order to reduce the cost, the two designs are in the same mold. Because the flame retardant material has corrosion problems on the mold material, the mold core must be heat treated to ensure the life of the mold, so we also make heat treatment for the mold.

We also do flammability test after product mass production.

  • Product name: TPE washer
  • Product material: TPE(V0 grade)
  • Product color: Black
  • Product hardness: 70A
  • Mold cavity: 1+1
  • Mold material: S136 HRC48-52
  • Surface request: Light texture MT11000
  • Mold life: 500 Thousand shots
  • Mold time: 52 seconds
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    What is flammability test?

    Flammability testing determines how easily a material or finished product will ignite or burn when exposed to or used near fire or heat.

    What is flame retardant?

    Flame retardants are chemicals that are applied to materials to prevent the start or slow the growth of fire. They have been used in many consumer and industrial products since the 1970s, to decrease the ability of materials to ignite.

    What is v0 flammability?

    V-0: burning stops within 10 seconds on a vertical specimen; drips of particles allowed as long as they are not inflamed. 5VB: burning stops within 60 seconds on a vertical specimen; no drips allowed; plaque specimens may develop a hole.

    What is VO plastic?

    Flame resistant plastics according to UL94

    Classification of flame resistant plastics according to UL94 follows these criteria: UL94-HB plastic (horizontal burning): Material burns and drips. HB plastics. UL94-V0 plastic (vertical burning): Burning period 10 seconds.

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