FDA Grade Injection Moulding Ps Transparentplastic Bottle

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This is a PS transparent bottle, it’s material is Polystyrene (PS) plastic with BPA FREE, a naturally transparent thermoplastic that is available as both a typical solid plastic as well in the form of a rigid foam material. PS plastic is commonly used in a variety of consumer product applications and is also particularly useful for commercial packaging. It’s mold cavity is1*2, the mold material is S136H, mold life 50 thousand shot, the injection cycle is 42 seconds.Its appearance is very eye-catching, because the surface treatment is very transparent, the mold surface is mirror polishing.

And this bottle is food grade product use to drinking water , due to its usage, that requests the production of bottles must in a good environment. The dust-free workshop should reach the level of 100,000 to avoid contamination of dust and other bacteria. The operator wears a dust-free cap and dust-free gloves. After the packaging is completed, ultraviolet light sterilization is performed before the shipment.

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Material performance

Polystyrene has good fluidity, good processing properties, easy coloring, and good dimensional stability. It can be processed into various parts by injection molding, extrusion, foaming, thermoforming, bonding, coating, welding, machining, printing and other methods, especially suitable for injection molding. It can be recycled, does not contain harmful substances, has no peculiar smell, no pollution, and is environmentally friendly. Suitable for daily necessities, drinking cold water cups, etc., transparent buttons, lampshades, etc. of household appliances are widely used.

Product Features

This is a functional cup with a dust-proof cover and a cup body. The objects inside can be seen with 70% transparency. The pentagonal design and amber color show its uniqueness. There is no injection molding production. Oil stains, the perfect hidden latent glue port is not easy to be found. The push plate thimble structure avoids the appearance of thimble marks. Wear gloves during the production process, and PE belts are individually wrapped to avoid scratches.

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