What is the INS injection molding process used in the automotive field?

The auto market is constantly changing, and only by constantly introducing new ones can we be invincible. High-quality humanized and comfortable driving experience has always been pursued by car manufacturers, and the most intuitive feeling comes from interior design and materials. There are also various processing processes for automotive interiors, such as spraying, electroplating, water transfer printing, silk screen printing, pad printing and other manufacturing processes. With the continuous development of the automobile industry and the upgrading of consumers’ demand for car styling, quality and environmental protection, the application of INS injection molding technology in the surface treatment of automobile interiors has begun to emerge in recent years.


The INS process is mainly used for door trim strips, center consoles, instrument panels and other parts in automotive interiors. Before 2017, the technology was mostly applied to models of joint venture brands with a value of more than 200,000. Domestic brands have even dropped to models below 100,000 yuan.


The INS injection molding process refers to placing a blister-formed diaphragm into an injection mold for injection molding. This requires a mold factory to provide one-stop service from INS diaphragm material selection, diaphragm pre-forming to plastic parts INS molding feasibility analysis, mold design, mold manufacturing, and mold testing. The connection and size control between the three injection molding processes have a unique understanding of the production process requirements, and common quality abnormalities, such as pattern deformation, wrinkles, flanging, black exposure, continuous punching, bright light, black spots, etc. There are mature solutions, so that the surface of the manufactured automotive interior products has a good appearance and texture.


INS injection molding process is not only used in the automotive interior industry, but also in home appliance decoration, smart digital housing and other manufacturing fields. It has huge development potential. How to make smart surface technology better is our constant pursuit. Innovate research and development efforts, and strive to improve the intelligent surface injection molding technology, so as to better promote the application in automotive products.

Post time: Jun-08-2022


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