What is hot runner mold ?

Hot runner mold is a common technology used to make the large size part like the 70 inch TV bezel, or high cosmetic appearance part. And it is also exploited when the raw material is expensive. Hot runner, as the name means, the plastic material is staying molten on the runner system, called manifold, and is injected into the cavities through the nozzles connected with manifold. A completed hot runner system includes:

Hot nozzle – there are open gate type and valve gate type nozzle, valve type has better performance and is more popular. Open gate hot runner is used on some low appearance requirement parts.

Manifold – the plastic flow plate, all the material is one powder state.

Heat box – provide the heat for the manifold.

Other components – connection and fixture components and plugs

Hot runner

The famous brand of hot runner suppliers includes Mold-Master, DME, Incoe, Husky, YUDO etc.. Our company mainly uses YUDO, DME and Husky because of their high price performance and good quality. The hot runner system have its pros and cons:


Form the large size part – like car bumper, TV bezel, home appliance housing.

Multiply valve gates – allow injection molder to precision control the shooting volume and provide high quality cosmetic appearance, eliminating sink mark, parting line and welding line.

Economic – save the material of runner, and no need to deal with the scrap.


Need to maintenance equipment – it is a cost for the injection molder.

High cost – the hot runner system is more expensive than cold runner.

Material Degradation – high temperature and long resident time may lead to plastic material degradation.

Post time: Aug-23-2021


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