The application of overmolding injection mould in injection processing

Overmolding process is generally used in the injection molding processing methods are two-color injection molding machine once, or with the general injection molding processing machine using secondary injection molding; hardware package plastic injection molding processing, hardware accessories into the injection mold for overmolding.


1 Types of overmolding

Hardware package plastic, also known as “hardware covering plastic, metal coveringplastic, iron covering plastic, copper covering plastic” called different, as the name implies are metal parts production is completed, and then plastic injection molding processing.

Plastic covers plastic, there are also many names “rubber, plastic,  secondary molding, two-color injection molding, multi-color injection molding” all belong to the plastic injection molding process.


2 Materials for overmolding

Hardware materials, hardware part of the metal materials in principle, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, charging terminals, conductive terminals, wires, steel wire, bearings, hardware stamping parts, hardware turning parts and other metal parts; plastic part of the commonly used materials are PC, ABS, PP, POM, TPE, TPU, PVC, PA66, PA6, PA46, hard rubber, soft rubber, fibrous modified plastic, are widely used in various fields.


Plastic package plastic, whether primary molding or secondary molding, basically all plastic materials can be used for overmolding process, PC, ABS, PP, POM, TPE, TPU, PVC, PA66, PA6, PA46, hard rubber, soft rubber, fibrous modified plastics, these basic common engineering plastics, a wide range of applications.


3 Commonly used overmolding processing machine applications

Two-color overmolding: plastic overmolding, appearance products, waterproof structure, housing panels, dimensional stability of the products used more.

Vertical overmolding: hardware overmolding, strict size, overmolding positioning difficulties in the product using more.

Duplex rotary vertical injection molding machine: large number, inconvenient to place overmolded parts, and more used for products with difficult positioning of overmolded products.

Horizontal injection molding machine: there is no problem in positioning the overmolded parts, and the operation is not troublesome, it can also be used.


4 Notes on overmolding processing

No matter which injection molding machine is used for overmolding, you need to choose the injection molding machine according to the function of the product, the operation of overmolding, the difficulty of positioning of accessories, etc. The injection molding machine is different, and the injection molding tool is also different.


The size of the overmolded parts, overmolding processing, mold precision, product positioning, operation pick and place, and dimensional accuracy are multiplied compared to the requirements of ordinary injection molds. Although the precision requirements of two-color injection mold are also very strict, the overmold is more complicated than the two-color injection mold.


5 The application of overmolding process

Conductive products, hardware handles, electrical products, small household appliances, electric fans, new energy vehicles, desk lamps and other applications are very wide.

Post time: Aug-03-2022


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