Injection molding process of home appliance plastic products

In recent years, some new plastic processing technologies and new equipment have been widely used in the molding of home appliance plastic products, such as precision injection molding, rapid prototyping technology and lamination injection molding technology etc. Let’s talk about the three injection molding processes of plastic products for home appliances.

1. Precision injection molding

Precision injection molding ensures high precision and repeatability in terms of size and weight.

Injection molding machines using this technology can achieve high-pressure, high-speed injection. Because its control method is usually open-loop or closed-loop control, it can achieve high-precision control of injection molding process parameters.

Generally, precision injection molding requires higher precision of the mold. At present, many domestic plastic machine enterprises can produce small and medium-sized precision injection molding machines.


2. Rapid Prototyping Technology

Rapid prototyping technology can achieve small batch production of plastic parts without molds.

At present, the more mature rapid prototyping methods include laser scanning molding and liquid photocuring molding, among which the laser scanning molding method is widely used. Laser scanning equipment is composed of laser light source, scanning device, dusting device and computer. The process is that the laser head controlled by the computer scans according to a certain trajectory. At the position where the laser passes, the plastic micropowder is heated and melted and bonded together. After each scan, the micropowder device sprinkles a thin layer of powder.A product with a certain shape and size is formed with repeated scanning.

At present, there are some domestic enterprises that can produce laser scanning molding machines and plastic micropowders, but the performance of the equipment is unstable.


3. Laminated injection molding technology

When using the lamination injection molding technology, it is necessary to clamp the special printed decorative plastic film in the mold before injection molding, until injection molding is done.

Under normal circumstances, the demand for plastic molds for home appliance plastic products is very large. For example, a refrigerator or a fully automatic washing machine usually needs more than 100 pairs of plastic molds, an air conditioner needs more than 20 pairs, a color TV needs 50-70 pairs of plastic molds.

At the same time, the technical requirements for plastic molds are relatively high, and the processing cycle is often required to be as short as possible, which greatly promotes the development of mold design and modern mold manufacturing technology. In addition, the domestic application of some difficult molds such as hot runner injection molds and laminated injection molds is gradually incresing.

At present, home appliance plastics are developing in the direction of lightweight, health modules are initially reflected, and low cost has become an eternal theme.

Post time: Apr-20-2022


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