Advantages of silicon molding process

Silicone molding principle: First, the prototype part of the product is processed by 3D printing or CNC, and the liquid silicone raw material of the mold is used to combine with PU, polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, transparent PU, POM-like, rubber-like, PA-like, PE-like, ABS and other materials are used for pouring under vacuum to reproduce the same replica as the prototype part. If there is a color requirement, pigments can be added to the casting material, or it can be dyed or painted later in the product to achieve different colors of the parts.


Industry application

Silicone molding process is widely used in aerospace, automotive, home appliances, toys and medical equipment and other fields. It is suitable for the trial production of small batches (20-30 pieces) of samples in the new product development stage, and is specially used for the production of small batches of plastic parts in the process of R&D and design of auto parts for performance testing, road testing and other trial production work. Common plastic parts in automobiles, such as air conditioner casings, bumpers, air ducts, rubber-coated dampers, intake manifolds, center consoles, instrument panels, etc., can be quickly manufactured in small batches using the silicone composite molding process during the trial production process.


Notable features

1. Fast performance: When the silicone mold has a prototype, it can be made within 24 hours, and the product can be poured and replicated.

2. Simulation performance: Silicone molds can make silicone molds with complex structures and fine patterns, which can clearly outline the fine lines on the surface of the product and reproduce the fine features on the prototype parts well.

3. Demoulding performance: Due to the good flexibility and elasticity of silicone molds, for parts with complex structures and deep grooves, the parts can be taken out directly after pouring, without increasing the draft angle and simplifying the mold design as much as possible.

4. Replication performance: RTV silicone rubber has excellent simulation and extremely low shrinkage rate (about 3 ‰), and basically does not lose the dimensional accuracy of parts. It is an excellent mold material. It can quickly make 20-30 pieces of the same product by using a silicone mold.

5. Scope of selection: Silicone composite molding materials can be widely selected, which can be ABS-like, polyurethane resin, PP, nylon, rubber-like, PA-like, PE-like, PMMA/PC transparent parts, soft rubber parts (40-90shord) D), high temperature parts, fireproof and other materials.


The above is an introduction to the advantages of the silicone complex molding process in the industry. The DTG factory has mature experience in the silicone compound molding process. If you have any needs, please feel free to inquire.

Post time: Jun-22-2022


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